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R. Dallinger, S. Zehetmayer, H. Etlinger, A. Stiedl, M. Rupp:
"Digital Pre-Distortion Algorithms for Power Amplifiers with Envelope Tracking";
Talk: IEEE Forum on Signal Processing for Radio Frequency Systems 2013, Linz; 06-18-2013.

English abstract:
In this work, we implement two extensions of pre-distortion schemes that were recently published in literature and are promising in the combination with envelope tracking (ET) power amplifiers (PAs). The algorithms are compared with each other by burst measurements that were performed using a commercial PA and a prototype of an ET unit. The results show that conventional digital pre-distortion (DPD) algorithms fail in combination with ETPAs. Moreover, it is revealed that both considered methods allow to achieve comparable performance of linearisation.

Related Projects:
Project Head Markus Rupp:
Evaluierung von digitalen Vorverzerrungsalgorithmen für Leistungsverstärker mit Envelope Tracking Versorgungs Einheit

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