Diploma and Master Theses (authored and supervised):

F. de Haro Banos:
"Localization of moving RFID readers";
Supervisor: J. Kaitovic, M. Rupp; Institute of Telecommunications, 2013.

English abstract:
The Radio Frequency Identi cation (RFID) has become an important technology during the last two decades due to the different fields it can be used, as specially on inventory systems, storage and supply chains. In those fields, localization is an interesting topic. Under indoor conditions, where another localization techniques (i.e GPS) cannot work properly, UHF RFID allows to localize and track an object with good accuracy.
In this thesis the problem of localization of RFID reader inside a room will be addressed. In order to explain correctly all the theory and the way all the conditions were simulated, this thesis is divided in five chapters. Chapter 1 is a little introduction about the basics of RFID technology. Chapter 2 will explain the scenario, with all the devices that are involved. Chapter 3 is an explanation about how the signal is modelled. Next, Chapter 4 will show the localization techniques. Chapter 5 will show how the simulations are prepared, detailing all the process behind them. Finally, there's an appendix with other simulations made to test the system.

RFID, Localization, AOA, MUSIC

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