Contributions to Proceedings:

J Joachim, P Reichelt, Jm Bonnin, J. Dorn:
"DOMINO - An Efficient Algorithm for Policy Definition and Processing in Distributed Environments Based on Atomic Data Structures";
in: "19th EUNICE Workshop on Advances in Communication Networking", issued by: Springer; Springer LNCS, 2013.

English abstract:
While two decades of semantic web research have failed to fulfill the
high initial promises and expectations, and the underlying quest for categorizing
the world has led to increasing complexity and new levels of bureaucracy in-
stead, in this paper we introduce a new concept for distributed reasoning aiming
at simplicity, consistency and computing efficiency. To this end, we propose
the DOMINO algorithm, which is based on term logic for realizing an efficient
syllogism reasoner. This novel concept is illustrated and evaluated for a context
experience sharing system whiccases integrating mobile devices.

semantic policies, semantic data abstraction, rule definition, dis- tributed reasoning, mobile reasoning, artificial intelligence

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