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B. Martens (ed.):
"Book of Abstracts - 20th Annual Conference of the European Real Estate Society";
ÖKK-Verlag, Wien, 2013, ISBN: 978-3-85437-322-3; 270 pages.

English abstract:
The European Real Estate Society (ERES) was established in 1994 to create a structured and permanent network between real estate academics and professionals across Europe. ERES is dedicated to promoting and advancing the field of real estate research throughout Europe. Incorporating many national property research societies, academic researchers and real estate practitioners, our activities, such as the annual conference, the industry seminars, education seminars and publications provide a forum for information flow and debate on research issues. ERES is a non-profit organisation affiliated with the International Real Estate Society, an organisation giving us an even wider contact base in real estate.
This Book of Abstracts contains contributions accepted for publication at the 20th ERES conference.

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