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A. Voigt, C. Czerkauer-Yamu:
"Virtual Platforms for Urban Living Lab and Energy-conscious Spatial Planning";
Vortrag: AESOP / ACSP 5th Joint Congress 2013. Planning for Resilient Cities and Regions, Dublin (Ireland); 15.07.2013 - 19.07.2013; in: "AESOP/ACSP 5th Joint Congress 2013. Planning for Resilient Cities and Regions. eBook of Abstracts", (2013), S. 868.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The need to be energy conscious - against the backdrop of geographically restricted, economically scarce and indeed dwindling resources - presents an especially daunting challenge with regard to spatial planning, architecture and the design of spatial infrastructure and energy supply systems. In terms of spatial planning it means that complex, as yet unresolved planning problems have to be addressed in parallel on different spatial scales within the framework of multi-layered planning processes in order to enable the development of energy-efficient, sustainable spatial and settlement structures. The associated spatial planning and design strategies have to combine an overview of and insight into the use of space and the spatial organization of land uses.

energy awareness, energy-conscious planning, strategic planning, spatial simulation, virtual reality

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