Publications in Scientific Journals:

J. Krampe, M. Willis, D. Richards:
"Co-digestion of high strength organic trade waste with wastewater sludge";
AWA Water Journal, December (2010), 56 - 60.

English abstract:
The co-digestion of industrial high strength waste streams with the sludge from municipal wastewater Treatment plants (WWTP) has presented the opportunity to maximise efficiency of anaerobic digesters, generate methane for electricity production, re-direct problematic trade waste streams along with reducing the impact of trade waste disposal into sewer networks and WWTP operations. A bench scale trial that involved mixing liquid trade waste with
municipal wastewater treatment plant sludge, has provided positive results using several trade waste materials. The experimental results for the co-substrate salty whey show potential energy savings, however negative implications such as increased internal loads have also been discussed. It was found that redirecting two tankers of salty whey per week from the wastewater stream to the sludge stream could reduce the electricity demand from the grid for the WWTP by 425 kWhel/day. Other trade waste materials could have an even larger positive effect.

anaerobic digestion, co-digestion, trade waste, salty whey

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