Ch. Gösselsberger, M. Bacak, T. Gerstmayr, S. Gumpenberger, A. Hawlik, B. Hinterleitner, E. Jericha, S. Nowak, A. Welzl, G. Badurek:
"Wavelength-selected neutron pulses formed by a spatial magnetic neutron spin resonator";
Physics Procedia, 42 (2013), S. 106 - 115.

Kurzfassung englisch:
We present a novel type of spatial magnetic neutron spin resonator whose time and wavelength resolution can be decoupled from each other by means of a travelling wave mode of operation. Combined with a pair of highly efficient polarisers such a device could act simultaneously as monochromator and chopper, able to produce short neutron pulses, whose wavelength, spectral width and duration could be varied almost instantaneously by purely electronic means without any mechanical modification of the experimental setup. To demonstrate the practical feasibility of this technique we have designed and built a first prototype resonator consisting of ten individually switchable modules which allows to produce neutron pulses in the microsecond regime. It was installed at a polarised 2.6 Å neutron beamline at the 250kW TRIGA research reactor of the Vienna University of Technology where it could deliver pulses of 55 μs duration, which is about three times less than the passage time of the neutrons through the resonator itself. In order to further improve the achievable wavelength resolution to about 3% a second prototype resonator, consisting of 48 individual modules with optimised field homogeneity and enlarged beam cross-section of 6 x 6 cm2 was developed. We present the results of first measurements which demonstrate the successful operation of this device.

Polarised neutrons, Neutron optics, Magnetic spin resonator, Travelling wave mode, Spin flipper, Neutron sources; Spin echoes

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