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S. Dervishi, A. Mahdavi:
"A simple model for the derivation of illuminance values from global radiation data";
Building Simulation, 6 (2013), 4; 379 - 383.

English abstract:
This paper presents a new simple luminous efficacy model for global horizontal irradiance. The objective is to derive values of outdoor global horizontal illuminance data from typical local
weather station data including global horizontal irradiance and Humidity Ratio of outdoor air. The proposed luminous efficacy model incorporates, as the main influencing variable, the Clearness
Factor, which is an original derivative from the Clearness Index. Two further variables are included in the model formulation. These are the Humidity Ratio and the solar altitude. Moreover, the model
includes a location-dependent variable, which may be derived from the latitude information. The paper includes the result of the statistical analysis of the relationship between the model
predictions and the measured data. The results of this analysis display a good agreement between predictions and measurements.

German abstract:
[none, see english version]

daylight, irradiance, illuminance, luminous efficacy, simulation

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