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V. Dagiene, G. Futschek:
"Bebras, A Contest to Motivate Students to Study Computer Science and Develop Computational Thinking";
Talk: WCCE 2013, Torun; 2013-07-01 - 2013-07-07; in: "learning while we are connected, vol 3, book of abstracts", N. Reynolds, M. Webb, M. Syslo, V. Dagiene (ed.); (2013), ISBN: 9788323130956; 139 - 141.

English abstract:
We need to prepare our young generation to live, work and function in the world of technology. By that we mean teaching them skills such as computer literacy and understanding technology inside (computer science). While these skills are necessary, they are not sufficiently regarded by the knowledge society - we need to develop Computational Thinking (CT) skills. The international contest on informatics and computer fluency named BEBRAS (Beaver in English) may be the key to the potential of science knowledge and attractive way to bind up technology and education. The first Bebras contest was conducted in Lithuania 2004. Now more than twenty countries have joined. Problems (tasks) are the keystone of the contest. Attraction, invention and surprise should be desirable features of each problem presented to competitors. The problems have to be selected carefully, taking into account the different aspects of each problem. We are going to discuss examples of tasks from previous contests.

Computer Science, Informatics, Informatics Concepts, Computational Thinking, Tasks Solving, Contest

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