B. Haselsberger:
"Decoding borders. Appreciating border impacts on space and people";
Planning Theory and Practice, 15(4) (2014), S. 505 - 526.

Kurzfassung englisch:
In our globalised, interconnected world the impact of borders on space and people is increasingly debated. This article aims to unpack the complex concept of "thick" and "thin" borders. It builds on the assumption that borders are boundary sets comprised of overlapping geopolitical, sociocultural, economic and biophysical layers and are the outcome of a bordering process. A two-step approach towards the decoding of borders is introduced. Using a planning perspective, the article seeks to explain the various functions of borders, to examine power practices within the bordering process and to ascertain the relational geographies demarcated by different types of boundaries. It illustrates why those cross-border activities which address only the geopolitical dimension of the border tend to fail.

borders, boundaries, bordering practices, thick and thin borders, dynamic border interpretation framework

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Kollektives Gedächtnis & Raumplanung: Transkulturelle (Grenz)Räume

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