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F Shayeganfar, A. Anjomshoaa, J. Heurix, C. Sustr, N. Ghiassi, U. Pont, S. Fenz, T. Neubauer, A. Tjoa, A. Mahdavi:
"An ontology-aided Optimization Approach to Eco-Efficient Building Design";
Poster: BS2013 - Building Simulation 2013, Chambery / Frankreich; 2013-08-25 - 2013-08-29; in: "Building Simulation 2013 - 13th International Conference of the International Building Performance Simulation Association.", IBPSA (ed.); IBPSA, (2013), ISBN: 978-2-7466-6294-0; 2193 - 2199.

English abstract:
Despite the advances in development of building performance simulation tools, their potential for performance-guided design has not been sufficiently exploited within the design community. This is in part due to the complexity of data accumulation for simulation purposes and the elaborate data entry modalities of available tools. The web undoubtedly contains extensive supplies of potentially useful
information. However, the extraction and application of this data is hampered by lack of sufficient structure in the encapsulation and presentation of the information. The present paper reports on the
progress of the SEMERGY project in exploring this web-based potential using semantic web technology to extract and restructure building product information into an ontology integrated within a
performance based design optimization environment.

German abstract:
none - see english version

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Project Head Ardeshir Mahdavi:
Semantische Technologien für Softwaretechnik und Interaktive Systeme

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