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W. Hummer, O. Raz, O. Shehory, Ph. Leitner, S. Dustdar:
"Testing of Data-Centric and Event-Based Dynamic Service Compositions";
Software Testing, Verification and Reliability (invited), Volume 23 (2013), Issue 6; 465 - 497.

English abstract:
This paper addresses integration testing of data-centric and event-based dynamic service compositions. The compositions under test define abstract services which are replaced by concrete candidate services at runtime. Testing all possible instantiations of a composition leads to combinatorial explosion and is often infeasible. We consider data dependencies between services as potential points of failure and introduce the k-node data flow test coverage metric, which helps to significantly reduce the number of test combinations.
We formulate a combinatorial optimization problem for generating minimal sets of test cases. Based on this formalization we present a mapping to the model of FoCuS, a coverage analysis tool. FoCuS efficiently computes near-optimal solutions, which are used to automatically generate test instances. The proposed approach is applicable to various composition paradigms. We illustrate the end-to-end practicability based on an integrated scenario which uses two diverse composition techniques: on the one hand, theWeb Services
Business Process Execution Language (BPEL), and on the other hand WS-Aggregation, a platform for eventbased service composition.

Test Coverage, Testing Service-based Systems, Data-Centric Service Compositions, k-Node Data Flow Coverage, Event-based Systems

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