C. Yamu, A. Voigt, P. Frankhauser:
"Spatial Simulation and the Real World. Digital Methods and Techniques in the Context of Strategic Planning.";
in: "The Routledge Handbook of Planning Research Methods", E. Silva, P. Healey et al. (Hrg.); Taylor & Francis, New York and London, 2015, (eingeladen), ISBN: 978-0-415-72795-2, S. 348 - 363.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Spatial modelling and simulation allow a complex reality to be shown in simplified form, in order that spatial strategies and their impacts can be explored in advance. Spatial strategies are like guidelines into the future on which the long-term process (often lasting many years) of implementing solutions for difficult spatial problems is orientated (cf. Scholl 2005:1122f.).
In this paper we discuss two topics that fit well into the context of a digital reality: first, the idea of strategic planning and second, a multiscale and multi-fractal decision support system (DSS); both linked to each other and supporting the development of a sustainable and sustaining built environment.

strategic planning and development, spatial simulation and modelling, multiscale planning, decision support systems, sustainable built environment

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