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M. Elshuber, R. Obermaisser:
"Dependable and predictable time-triggered Ethernet networks with COTS components";
Journal of Systems Architecture, Volume 59, Issue 9 (2013), 667 - 690.

English abstract:
TTEthernet is a cross-industry communication standard that supports the integration of predictable time-triggered communication and event-triggered standard Ethernet traffic. This paper explores the ability of extending the firmware of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) routers in order to support TTEthernet. Thereby, we can achieve a significant cost reduction, upgrade existing infrastructures and make field-failure rates of COTS devices available for certification. Based on a generic model of a COTS router, we introduce four methods for extending a COTS router with support for time-triggered and event-triggered message exchanges. The extended COTS router redirects time-triggered messages within pre-planed time intervals, while also processing event-triggered messages when no time-triggered message are scheduled. We achieve temporal predictability and low jitter by minimizing the effect of event-triggered messages onto the timing of time-triggered messages. Furthermore, experimental results from a prototype implementation provide insight into the performance differences between a COTS router and dedicated hardware.

Embedded systems, Real-time systems, Ethernet, Commercial Off-The-Shelf components, Fault isolation

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