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D. Adam, C. Adam, I. Paulmichl:
"Five years of Rapid Impact Compaction in Europe - Successful implementation of an innovative compaction technique based on fundamental research and field experiments";
in: "18th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (18 ICSMGE)", herausgegeben von: ISSMGE; Presses des Ponts, Paris, 2013, (eingeladen), ISBN: 9782859784782, S. 1225 - 1229.

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In the year 2007, the innovative Impact Compactor was widely introduced in Central Europe on the initiative of an Austrian company to compact and improve the ground. At the beginning, the application of the novel impact-like compaction technique was based on empirical data and experience gained on several construction sites. Soon after, a funded research project was initiated including both fundamental research and field experiments. The outcomes of the research work provided the basis for the optimized and economic application of this novel compaction method on-site. Since 2007, in numerous applications the Impact Compactor has been successfully employed for ground improvement for industrial, administrative and apartment buildings, bridges, bridge abutments, embankments, dams and dikes, and other civil engineering structures.

Impact Compactor, dynamic compaction, soil dynamics, ground improvement, earth works

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