C. Knoll, D. Müller, G. Giester, J. Ofner, B. Lendl, P. Weinberger, G. Steinhauser:
"An unusually water-poor 5,5´-azobistetrazolate of dysprosium: stabilization of a nitrogen-rich heterocycle by a minimum of hydrogen bonds";
New Journal of Chemistry, 37 (2013), S. 3840 - 3844.

Kurzfassung englisch:
In inorganic 5,5´-azobistetrazolate (C2N102- ; ZT) compounds, the energetic ZT moiety is usually stabilized by H-bonds to lattice H2O and/or coordination of an N-atom of the tetrazole ring to the metal ion. Here we present the synthesis and characterization of a novel, salt-like compound [Dy(H2O)8]2ZT3, which constitutes a unique exception to the above rule. We used supercritical CO2 as an unconventional desiccant in a straightforward metathesis reaction without abstaining from the benefits aqueous chemistry offers. It caused the crystallization of the title compound with a complex system of H-bonds between [Dy(H2O)8]3+ and ZT2- that involves almost every N-atom of the ZT2- anions as H-bond acceptors, which sufficiently stabilizes the energetic ZT despite the lack of lattice H2O or a coordinative bond to the metal ion.

dysprosium(III), 5,5´-azo-bistetrazolate, crystal structure

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