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F. Iglesias Vazquez, P. Palensky:
"Profile-based control for central domestic hot water distribution";
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 10 (2013), 1; 697 - 705.

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A main goal of hot water distribution research is to improve system´s efficiency, i.e., to fulfill hot water requirements minimizing energy and water losses. Central domestic hot water (CDHW) systems represent an important part of current installations worldwide, e.g. hotels, hospitals, sports centers, social facilities, and also multifamily residential or apartment buildings. The optimization of such systems claims for forecasting capabilities and context aware enhancements based on patterns of use. Thus the level of uncertainty is reduced and systems are not forced to operate using blind/oversized/generic assumptions. This paper presents a novel control strategy based on habit profiles for the management of CDHW. A simulated environment is utilized to compare the introduced strategy with habitual performances. Simulations are supported by real databases concerning users´ behavioural patterns. Results are promising and point to place profile-based strategies as the suitable approach for an optimized water and energy management in future buildings.

simulation, control, profiling, domestic hot water, data mining

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