P. Kuhlang, S. Hempen, T. Edtmayr, W. Sihn, J. Deuse:
"Improving Processes Systematically by Enhancing Value Stream Mapping and Process Management with a Short Cyclic Improvment Routine";
International Journal of Advanced Quality, 41 (2013), 2; S. 11 - 17.

Kurzfassung englisch:
A Process Management System in general represents is a suitable approach to improve processes in the broadest sense. For this improvement a lot of established concepts and methods are applied practically and are depicted in literature. In most cases these improvement attempts between the different levels are not linked methodically. This paper presents and combines three - broadly practically applied and theoretically well described - approaches out of the broad variety of concepts and methods to improve value streams. Within this framework value stream mapping and the short-cyclic improvement routine are integrated into the organisational framework of process management in order to enable a methodically fostered improvement of value streams in different levels of detail. Therefore an advanced and sustainable continuous improvement process is enabled. Hence the objective of this paper is to link these industrially applied concepts for managing and improving value streams usefully, and to depict this linkage in an extended model and a practical assembly example.

continuous improvement, value stream mapping, process management

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