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T. Auzinger, M. Wimmer, St. Jeschke:
"Analytic Visibility on the GPU";
Computer Graphics Forum, 32 (2013), 2; 409 - 418.

English abstract:
This paper presents a parallel, implementation-friendly analytic visibility method for triangular meshes. Together with an analytic filter convolution, it allows for a fully analytic solution to anti-aliased 3D mesh rendering on parallel hardware. Building on recent works in computational geometry, we present a new edge-triangle intersection algorithm and a novel method to complete the boundaries of all visible triangle regions after a hidden line elimination step. All stages of the method are embarrassingly parallel and easily implementable on parallel hardware. A GPU implementation is discussed and performance characteristics of the method are shown and compared to traditional sampling-based rendering methods.

GPGPU, hidden surface removal, hidden surface elimination, close-form, visibility, analytic, rendering, filter, SIMD, anti-aliasing, GPU

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