Publications in Scientific Journals:

Z. Li, E. Stankevičius, A. Ajami, G. Račiukaitis, W. Husinsky, A. Ovsianikov, J. Stampfl, R. Liska:
"3D alkyne-azide cycloaddition: spatiotemporally controlled by combination of aryl azide photochemistry and two-photon grafting";
Chemical Communications, 49 (2013), 7635 - 7637.

English abstract:
A novel fluoroaryl azide with an alkyne tail was synthesized and
precisely immobilized within a PEG-based matrix via two-photon
induced decomposition and nitrene insertion. Well defined 3D
positioning of the terminal alkyne allows site-specific micropatterning.
The subsequent 3D alkyne-azide cycloaddition was
realized using dye-functionalized molecules containing ``clickable´´
azide moieties.

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