Diploma and Master Theses (authored and supervised):

C. Hohenwarter:
"Simulation des zeitlichen Störungsverhaltens vollvermaschter Netzwerke am Beispiel kritischer Infrastrukturen";
Supervisor: K. Göschka, K. Höfler; Institut für Informationssysteme, AB Verteilte Systeme, 2013; final examination: 2013-11-19.

English abstract:
The assignment of this diploma thesis was the observation of the characteristics of infrastructure due a disruption by using a computer model. This leaded to the designing of a simulation model, the calculation and presentation of simulation results regarding a
graph representing an infrastructure network. Therefore the time-dependent behavior after the occurrence of a disruption is observed.
The examined infrastructure network can be an electric supply network, a water supply network or any other kind of infrastructure network. This diploma thesis observes the simulated
behavior of the infrastructure of an Austrian military base after an theoretical incident. The used data in this thesis was delivered by the Austrian Armed Forces. The relationships between the infrastructure elements are modeled using one-dimensional input and output values as there is not made any distinction between the different performance aspects of each infrastructure element.
For the model development a directed graph is used. The links are defined by functions. Also the used data for this thesis are analyzed and the way of collecting this data is discussed in a critical manner.
The major results of this scientific work are the performance charts of the simulated infrastructure of the observed military base during a dysfunction at which assumptions are made of a general nature and those results are interpreted.

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