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J. Kehrer et al.:
"Glyph-based Visualization: Foundations, Design Guidelines, Techniques and Applications";
Talk: Eurographics, Girona, Spain; 2013-05-06 - 2013-05-10; in: "Eurographics State of the Art Reports", Eurographics 2013 - State of the Art Reports, (2013), 39 - 63.

English abstract:
This state of the art report focuses on glyph-based visualization, a common form of visual design where a data set is depicted by a collection of visual objects referred to as glyphs. Its major strength is that patterns of multivariate data involving more than two attribute dimensions can often be more readily perceived in the context of a spatial relationship, whereas many techniques for spatial data such as direct volume rendering find difficult to depict with multivariate or multi-field data, and many techniques for non-spatial data such as parallel coordinates are less able to convey spatial relationships encoded in the data. This report fills several major gaps in the literature, drawing the link between the fundamental concepts in semiotics and the broad spectrum of glyph-based visualization, reviewing existing design guidelines and implementation techniques, and surveying the use of glyph-based visualization in many applications.

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