Publications in Scientific Journals:

P. Real, W. Kropatsch:
"Special issue on computer analysis of images and patterns";
Pattern Recognition Letters (invited), 34 (2013), 8; 831 - 832.

English abstract:
Special issue on computer analysis of images and patterns
This special issue comprises twelve recent and relevant works
in different aspects of the computer analysis of images and pat-
terns. We cover here the important topics like human walking
movement, analysis of biomedical images, automatic visual surface
inspection, object segmentation, natural computing, 3D mobile
interaction, vision-based driver assistance, face recognition, topo-
logical pattern recognition and estimation of shapes. All the papers
included in this SI have been selected via the standard reviewing
process of the journal ``Pattern Recognition Letters´´. They are ex-
tended versions of the best contributions accepted in the interna-
tional conference CAIP2011 held from 29 up to 31 August 2011
in Seville (Spain).
A brief outline highlights the main achievements for each of the
papers included in the SI. We grouped these papers into four
groups. Three of them include papers based on methodological
similarities and the last one includes papers dealing with six
different applications.

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