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M. Steinegger, A. Zoitl, M. Fein, G. Schitter:
"Design Patterns for Separating Fault Handling from Control Code in Discrete Manufacturing Systems";
Talk: 39th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, Vienna; 11-10-2013 - 11-13-2013; in: "Proc. of the 39th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society", (2013), 4366 - 4371.

English abstract:
The objective of this paper is to propose a methodology
for strictly separating fault detection and fault handling
methods from control code in discrete manufacturing systems.
In order to enable the separation, two different design patterns
are elaborated. Based on an analysis of typical faults in manufacturing
systems, a library of reusable function blocks for fault
detection, handling, and also fault recovery is developed. These
function blocks are implemented according to the international
standard IEC 61499 and are applied within the design patterns.
The design patterns are evaluated with the sequential control
of an injection molding machine. It is shown, that the design
patterns simplify the engineering and the separation of the fault
detection and fault handling from control code significantly, since
they provide clear design rules. Applying the proposed design
patterns reduces the complexity of industrial control applications
drastically. Furthermore, the function block library provides
reusable and proven fault detection and fault handling methods.

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