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A. Thöni:
"Integrating Linked Open Data for improved Social Sustainability Risk Management in Supply Chains";
Talk: 43. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Informatik, Wien; 2013-09-16 - 2013-09-20; in: "Lecture Notes in Informatics", M. Horbach (ed.); Lecture Notes in Informatics, P-220/Bonn (2013), ISBN: 978-3-88579-614-5; 916 - 927.

English abstract:
Social sustainability risk management in supply chains has to include a multitude of factors in a broad environment. Beside, Linked open Data (LoD) has become a major element of the semantic web being potentially relevant for the topic. This paper analyses LoDīs usefulness in this specific context differentiating two dimensions, methods of LoD and data published as LoD. While the usefulness of the former can be conceptually highlighted for disambiguation, publication and retrieval, the latter has been empirically analyzed for 924 LoD datasets at the LoD registry CKAN (http://datahub.io/). 4% were identified to contain relevant data for the supply chain risk management context. In a deep dive of corruption analysis data, trust and infrequent updates were identified as obstacles for LoD usage.

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