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C. Schoberleitner, V. Archodoulaki, T. Koch, S. Lüftl, M. Werderitsch, G. Kuschnig:
"Developing a Sealing Material: Effect of Epoxy Modification on Specific Physical and Mechanical Properties";
Materials, 6 (2013), 12; 5490 - 5501.

English abstract:
To develop a matched sealing material for socket rehabilitation of grey cast iron pipes, an epoxy resin is modified by the addition of different components to improve the flexibility. Three different modifications are made by adding ethylene-propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber powder, reactive liquid polymer (ATBN) and epoxidized modifier. In this paper the effect of the modification method as well as the influence of absorption of water on the mechanical and physical properties are analyzed in terms of: tensile strength, modulus of elasticity, adhesion performance, pressure resistance, glass transition temperature and water content. A comparison with neat epoxy shows for all materials that the modulus of elasticity and strength decrease. Unlike other tested modification methods, the modification with rubber powder did not enhance the flexibility. All materials absorb water and a plasticization effect arises with further changes of mechanical and physical properties. The application of the sealant on the grey cast iron leads to a reduction of the strain at break (in comparison to the common tensile test of the pure materials) and has to be evaluated. The main requirement of pressure resistance up to 1 MPa was tested on two chosen materials. Both materials fulfill this requirement.

epoxy; modified epoxy; mechanical and physical properties; water influence

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