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S. de Sousa, Y. Haxhimusa, W. Kropatsch:
"Estimation of Distribution Algorithm for the Max-Cut Problem";
Talk: GbR 2013, 9th IAPR - TC-15 Workshop, Wien; 2013-05-15 - 2013-05-17; in: "Graph-based Representations in Pattern Recognition", Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 7877, Springer-Verlag, 7877 (2013), ISBN: 9783642382208; 244 - 253.

English abstract:
In this paper, we investigate the
problem and pro-
pose a probabilistic heuristic to address its classic and weighted version.
Our approach is based on the Estimation of Distribution Algorithm
(EDA) that creates a population of individuals capable of evolving at
each generation towards the global solution. We have applied the
problem for image segmentation and de ned the edges' weights as
a modi ed function of the L2 norm between the RGB values of nodes.
The main goal of this paper is to introduce a heuristic for
additionally to investigate how it can be applied in the segmentation context.

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