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W. Kropatsch, N. Artner, Y. Haxhimusa, X. Jiang (ed.):
"Proceedings of the 9th IAPR - TC-15 Workshop on Graph-based Representations in Pattern Recognition";
Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, Berlin Heidelberg, 2013, ISBN: 9783642382208; 253 pages.

English abstract:
These proceedings present the papers a
ccepted for the 9th IAPR-TC-15 Work-
shop on Graph-based Representations in Pattern Recognition (GbR) 2013. For
more than 15 years, GbR has been providing a forum for researchers from the
fields of pattern recognition, image processing, and computer vision who build
their works on the basis of graph theory. This year it was a great pleasure for us
to organize the GbR 2013 in the heart of Europe - Vienna, Austria.
The Technical Committee 15 (TC15) of the International Association for
Pattern Recognition (IAPR) was created in 1996. It encourages elaboration of
graph-based research works, is an integral partner in organizing biennial GbR
workshops, sponsors related special sessions at conferences, and promotes special
issues in journals.
Traditionally the work presented at GbR covers a wide range of topics. The
scope of the papers varies from theoretical contributions to applications, from
discovering the new properties of a single graph (graph edit distance, maximum
cut, graph characteris
tics derived from Schr ̈
odinger equation) to developing al-
gorithms for sets of graphs, maximum subgraph problems and graph matching.
A great interest was shown in the problems of graph kernels and topology.
Besides the regular research papers, this workshop featured two highlights:
the IAPR distinguished speakers Mario Vento and Herbert Edelsbrunner. Mario
Vento was among the founders of TC15 s
ome 16 years ago. He summarized the
development of our field starting with the original motivation. It allowed the
younger generation of our community to compare the goals and expectations
of the early years with the current state. Herbert Edelsbrunner created a new
bridge from TC15 to the area of topology and persistence.
Overall, GbR 2013 attracted 27 submissions from 10 countries. Each paper
went through a critical reviewing proces
s by at least two members of the inter-
national Program Committee. Finally, 24 papers including the contributions of
the invited speakers were accepted for oral presentation and publication in these
On behalf of the organizers, we would like to thank the members of the
Program Committee for their timely and co
mpetent reviews; the authors of the
submitted papers for their work and their abidance to all deadlines. Finally,
we would like to thank the IAPR for sponsoring our workshop and the IAPR
distinguished speakers for their contributions.

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