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H. Isakovic, A. Wasicek:
"Secure Channels in an Integrated MPSoC Architecture";
Talk: 39th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, Wien; 2013-11-10 - 2013-11-13; in: "Industrial Electronics Society, IECON 2013 - 39th Annual Conference of the IEEE", (2013), ISSN: 1553-572x; 4488 - 4493.

English abstract:
Providing security in an embedded system often
boils down to solving a trade-off problem between security and
performance. Simultaneously, Multi-Processor System-on-a-Chip
(MPSoC) devices are in the early stages to increase computational
performance, energy and die area efficiency, and reduce the
number of physical units in the embedded system design arena.
Moreover, MPSoCs enable composing heterogeneous subsystems
on a single silicon die which is particularly desirable for large
volume embedded devices. However, these benefits come at a
price: an increase in the system´s complexity. Complexity does
not only make the system design process more difficult, but also
it renders certain vulnerabilities possible. A solution is to follow
well-established architectural principles to reduce complexity and
to provide the required level of security. In this paper we demonstrate
how the basic architectural principles of the ACROSS
MPSoC architecture can be combined with the requirements
of standard security techniques (i.e., encryption, authentication)
to produce an efficient security solution for MPSoC systems.
We propose a security architecture which uses the principles
of temporal and spatial partitioning, temporal determinism,
and mixed-criticality integration to migrate resource expensive
security functions form the application components to a dedicated
security component within the MPSoC. This leaves application
components with a thin security provider, without any loss of
functionality and more local resources at their disposal. Thereby,
we deliver a flexible, resource efficient security solution, which
highlights the benefits of partitioning MPSoC architectures for

security, MPSoC

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