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T. Eiter, M. Fink, T. Krennwallner, C. Redl:
"Grounding HEX-Programs with Expanding Domains";
Talk: Workshop on Grounding and Transformations for Theories With Variables (GTTV), Corunna, Spain; 2013-09-15; in: "2nd Workshop on Grounding and Transformations for Theories With Variables (GTTV'13)", D. Pearce, S. Tasharrofi, E. Ternovska, C. Vidal (ed.); Corunna, Spain (2013), 13 pages.

English abstract:
Recently, liberally domain-expansion safe HEX-programs have been presented as a generalization of strongly safe HEX-programs that enlarges the scope of effective applicability. While such programs can be finitely grounded, a concrete grounding algorithm that is practically useful remained open. In this paper, we present such an algorithm and show how to integrate it into the model-building framework for HEX-programs, which is extended for this purpose. While traditional HEX-evaluation relies on program decomposition for grounding, our new algorithm can directly ground any liberally domain-expansion safe program without decomposition. However, as splitting is still sometimes useful for performance reasons, we develop a new decomposition heuristics that aims at maximizing efficiency. An experimental evaluation confirms the practicability of our approach.

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