B. Meindl, M. Templ:
"Analysis of Commercial and Free and Open Source Solvers for the Cell Suppression Problem";
Tansaction on Data Privacy, Volume 6 (2013), 2; S. 147 - 159.

Kurzfassung englisch:
In this contribution, software tools that can be used to solve (mixed integer) linear optimization problems are described and compared. These kind of problems occur for instance when solving the secondary cell suppression problem (CSP) for which we tested the tools.

Especially, for the CSP fast and efficient tools are needed. While experience gained in different projects on confidentiality regarding particular commercial or open-source tools, we aim to compare the relevant tools at once based on this problem.
An overview of existing comparisons of both open-source and commercial solvers is given. Moreover, the performance of different solvers is evaluated on the basis of solving multiple attacker problems - a linear problem - in a case study. This problem class is important when dealing with the CSP.

statistical disclosure limitation, secondary cell suppression, linear programming, soft- ware

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