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G. Suter:
"Structure and spatial consistency of network-based space layouts for building and product design";
Computer Aided Design, 45 (2013), 8-9; 1108 - 1127.

English abstract:
Network-based space layouts are schematic models of whole spaces, subspaces, and related physical
elements. They address diverse space modeling needs in building and product design. A schema (data
model) for network-based space layouts is defined that is influenced by existing space schemas.
Layout elements and selected spatial relations form a geometric network. The network is embedded in
3-space and facilitates analysis with graph and network algorithms. Spatial constraints on layout elements
and spatial relations extend the schema to support spatial consistency checking. Spatially consistent
layouts are required for reliable network analysis and desirable for layout modification operations. An
operation is introduced that evaluates spatial constraints to detect and semi- or fully-automatically
resolve spatial inconsistencies in a layout. A layout modeling system prototype that includes proof-ofconcept
implementations of the layout schema extended by spatial constraints and the inconsistency
resolution operation is described. Layouts of a floor of an office building and a rack server cabinet have
been modeled with the system prototype.

German abstract:

Space model, BIM, Product model, Aspect model, Spatial data quality

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