M. Faber, R. Höllwieser:
"Center Vortices and Chiral Symmetry Breaking";
Nuclear Physics B, 245 (2013), S. 9 - 16.

Kurzfassung englisch:
We investigate the chiral properties of near-zero modes for thick classical
center vortices in $SU(2)$ lattice gauge theory as examples of the phenomena
which may arise in a vorex vacuum. In particular we analyze the creation of near-zero modes from would-be zero modes of various topological charge contributions from center vortices. We show that colorful spherical vortex and instanton ensembles have very similar Dirac eigenmodes and also vortex intersections
are able to give rise to a finite density of near-zero modes, leading to
chiral symmetry breaking via the Banks-Casher formula. We discuss the
influence of the magnetic vortex fluxes on quarks and how center vortices
may break chiral symmetry.

Center Vortices, Chiral Symmetry Breaking, Atiyah-Singer Index Theorem, Overlap Operator, Lattice Gauge Field Theory

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