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T. Ambroz, G. Charwat, A. Jusits, J. P. Wallner, S. Woltran:
"ARVis: Visualizing Relations between Answer Sets";
Talk: 12th International Conference on Logic Programming and Nonmonotonic Reasoning (LPNMR 2013), Corunna, Spain; 2013-09-15 - 2013-09-19; in: "Logic Programming and Nonmonotonic Reasoning", P. Cabalar, T. Son (ed.); Springer, 8143 (2013), ISBN: 978-3-642-40563-1; 73 - 78.

English abstract:
Answer set programming (ASP) is nowadays one of the most popular modeling languages in the areas of Knowledge Representation and Artificial Intelligence. Hereby one represents the problem at hand in such a way that each model of the ASP program corresponds to one solution of the original problem. In recent years, several tools which support the user in developing ASP applications have been introduced. However, explicit treatment of one of the main aspects of ASP, multiple solutions, has received less attention within these tools. In this work, we present a novel system to visualize relations between answer sets of a given program. The core idea of the system is that the user specifies the concept of a relation by an ASP program itself. This yields a highly flexible system that suggests potential applications beyond development environments, e.g., applications in the field of abduction, which we will discuss in a case study.

Answer set programming, Systems, Abduction

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