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M. Hoffmann, K. Haselbauer, R. Blab, M. Simoner, T. Hartl, K. Dieplinger:
"A new asset management approach for inland waterways - A holistic waterway management as a basis for high availability and cost-effective and sustainable investments in waterway infrastructures";
Vortrag: TRA2014, Paris (eingeladen); 14.04.2014 - 17.04.2014; in: "TRA2014", TRA, (2014), 10 S.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Currently inland waterways face a resource patchwork, fragmented legitimacy and low effectiveness leading to a declining importance compared to road or rail. To overcome these setbacks the presented comprehensive asset management approach is based on the availability of fairway width and depth in days per year. With a 3D - data model of the riverbed and navigational fairway the impact of maintenance measures on availability can be simulated. Any resulting increase in continuous availability leads to lowered transport costs. The approach allows an optimization regarding recommended fairway parameters, constrained budgets or total costs. Based on periodic riverbed surveys, water levels and amount of discharge the impact of maintenance and engineering works can be analysed. Innovative alert systems on critical bottlenecks allow preventive measures and lead to real time availability information for the industry. The presented asset management approach is currently being implemented on the Austrian stretch of the Danube and may be extended on the entire waterway in the future.

asset management, waterways; fairway parameters, availability, investment optimization

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