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S. Marchand-Maillet, B. Hofreiter:
"From Data to Knowledge: Large-scale Information Management and Analysis in Business Informatics";
Keynote Lecture: The 15th IEEE Conference on Business Informatics (CBI), Vienna; 2013-07-15 - 2013-07-18.

English abstract:
Modern communication networks have fueled the creation of massive volumes of data that may be valued as relevant information for Business Processes. We review the large scope of the technologies available and necessary to leverage the content of this Big Data. We start from the data itself and move onto the perspective of the end user. We discuss associated challenges and highlight the parallels brought by the overlap of these views. We show how the trend of Big Data is related to data security and user privacy. We then investigate automated ways of performing data analysis, for Business Intelligence. We finally review how groups of users may be seen as a workforce in Business through the notion of Human Computation or crowdsourcing, associated with the notions of trust and reputation.

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