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M. Kraxner, M. Plangg, K. Duretec, C. Becker, L. Faria:
"The SCAPE Planning and Watch suite";
Poster: iPRES2013 - 10th International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects, Lisbon, Portugal; 2013-09-02 - 2013-09-06; in: "iPRES 2013: proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects", Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal, (2013), ISBN: 978-972-565-493-4; 262 - 265.

English abstract:

Increasingly, content owners are operating repositories with large, heterogeneous collections. The responsibility to provide access to these collections on the long term requires preservation processes such as planning, monitoring, and actual preservation operations such as migration and quality assurance, which have to be managed and integrated with the repositories.

This article presents a suite of systems designed to support the preservation lifecycle in repositories. The SCAPE Planning and Watch suite provides the framework and toolset for controlling and monitoring scalable preservation operations. We present the main components for content profiling, preservation planning, and monitoring, and show how they can be combined to support scalable management of preservation over time.

Digital Preservation, Preservation Planning, Preservation Watch, Content Profiling, Characterization, Scalability,

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