Publications in Scientific Journals:

W.S.M. Werner, F. Salvat-Pujol, A. Bellissimo, R. Khalid, W. Smekal, M. Novak, A. Ruocco, G. Stefani:
"Secondary-electron emission induced by in vacuo surface excitations near a polycrystalline Al surface";
Physical Review B, 88 (2013), 2014071 - 2014074.

English abstract:
The double-differential spectrum of coincidences between backscattered electrons and secondary electrons
(SEs) emitted from a polycrystalline Al surface bombarded with 100-eV electrons was measured. For energy
losses of the scattered electron in between the work function of Al and the bulk plasmon energy, a sharp peak is
observed in the SE spectra, corresponding to ejection of a single electron near the Fermi edge receiving the full
energy loss and momentum of the primary electron. This process predominantly takes place when the primary
electron suffers a surface energy loss in vacuum, and leads to SE ejection from the very surface. At energy losses
just above the bulk plasmon energy, a sharp transition is observed, corresponding to a sudden increase in the
depth of ejection. The latter is a direct consequence of the complementarity of surface and bulk plasmons, the
so-called Begrenzungs effect.

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