Publications in Scientific Journals:

J. Gervasoni, R. Barrachina, S. Segui, W.S.M. Werner:
"In-out asymmetry and interference effects in plasmon excitation by swift charged particles traversing a surface";
Surface and Interface Analysis, 45 (2013), 1849 - 1853.

English abstract:
We investigate the excitation of plasmons by a fast charged particle moving in the vicinity or traversing the surface of a solid
along an arbitrary trajectory. We use both quantum-mechanical and semiclassical dielectric formulations to study how the
particle couples with the bulk and surface excitations. We pay special attention to the differences and similarities between
incoming and outgoing trajectories, !nding some novel oscillatory structures that can be ascribed to an interference effect
between direct and re"ected plasmon excitations.

in-out asymmetry; plasmon excitation; interference effects

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