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G. Fitzpatrick:
"Troubles with Electronic Patient Records and telecare/AAL: user experience matters";
Keynote Lecture: World Usability Day 2013, Ljubljana, Slovenia (invited); 2013-11-27.

English abstract:
Governments are investing huge amounts of money in technology-driven initiatives to meet the significant challenges of health care delivery. We see this playing out in large-scale national e-health agendas, with a particular focus on electronic patient records (EPRs). We also see it in the area of telecare and Ambient Assisted Living (AAL), driven by the needs of caring for a growing aging population and the related increased incidence of chronic disease. However, despite significant investments in both these arenas, we see repeated patterns of systems that are not taken up by their intended users and/or that fail to deliver the optimistically promised benefits. I will explore `user experience matters´ in two ways: First, I will discuss the experiences of `users´ with these systems, highlighting the complex situated ways in which clinicians work with patient records and the rich lives and concerns of older people `at home´. Second, drawing out common themes across these, I will argue for the critically important role of User Experience practitioners and UE matters in designing technologies that fit into everyday contexts of the hospital and the home, and that people can use to actually realise care benefits

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