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G. Fitzpatrick:
"Reflecting on methods as negotiated adaptive practice";
Talk: TwinTide Final Conference, Bari, Italy (invited); 2013-10-10 - 2013-10-12.

English abstract:
As per the focus of TwinTide WG2, the application areas for which technology is being designed are becoming increasingly diverse in terms of contexts, users, valued qualities of experience, etc. This creates ongoing challenges for how we re-interpret and apply user-centred design and evaluation methods, and efforts to provide a more systematic and accountable approach are to be commended. I will contribute to this discussion by reflecting on some of our own experiences transferring methods into new contexts and how this relies on adaptive practices that are highly situated and negotiated. In particular I will reflect on experiences applying user research and design methods within a commercial context as part of a multi-disciplinary industry team. I will also share research experiences working in the health domain, which challenge our methods to deal with scale and broader socio-technical-organisational contexts; and experiences working with diverse user groups, including older people and disabled people, which challenge some of the implicit assumptions about participation that underlie many of our methods

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