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G. Fitzpatrick:
"Designing technologies for care - re-imaging AAL and telecare agendas";
Talk: Global Ageing: Rising Challenges and a Quest for Opportunities, Barcelona. Spain (invited); 2013-11-05 - 2013-11-06.

English abstract:
Technology is widely promoted as a solution to the 'problem' of caring for an aging population, and governments and industry across the developed world are making significant investments in the provision of AAL and telecare-related technologies for home-based care. However, recent reports indicate mixed outcomes from these deployments, not just in cost effectiveness but more importantly in adoption and acceptance by older people. It is timely then to reflect on these experiences and re-imagine new ways of approaching AAL/telecare from a broader socio-technical design perspective. I critically consider how technologies to date come to be designed, whose agendas are included/excluded in design and evaluation, and how they implicitly conceptualise older age, the home and care. I then consider how we can re-imagine what these technologies can 'do' and for whom, taking notions of agency, adaptivity and social reciprocity as core principles

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