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G. Fitzpatrick:
"CSCW panel on Research Community, Impact and Credit";
Talk: CSCW 2013: Computer Supported Cooperative Work, San Antonio, USA (invited); 2013-02-23 - 2013-02-27.

English abstract:
CSCW and many of our main conferences are located predominantly in the US, with ECSCW in Europe another key venue. I originally come from outside both the US and Europe and am very aware that cultural/geographical contexts play a large part of where and why we publish. For many people, particularly those who need to travel internationally, their only chance to access travel support is through having a paper accepted. Yet even under a `revise and resubmit´ model, more than half of those wanting to participate are not accepted to do so. Other 'home' opportunities for international peer contact can be rare. And then there are our smaller conferences. These are not just about specific sub-topic areas but can also be more regional versions of the larger conference, Examples are OzCHI, Nordichi, (new) SouthCHI, and British HCI, many of which make their papers accessible through the ACM digital library as per CSCW. All have their own evolving cultures and discussions, are more accessible to local people in terms of time, travel and costs, and are important places where critical local relationships and support networks are formed and nurtured, and where local policies can be influenced. How can we, at the same time, promote high quality content and broad participation? And how do we value both global and local contributions?

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