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A. Tjoa:
"Can Linked Open Data be Used to Empower "Continuous Auditing"?";
Talk: NII SHONAN "Privacy by Transparency for Data-Centric Services", Shonan, Japan; 2013-08-06 - 2013-08-08.

English abstract:
The scattered information on the Web can form a global data graph that connects distributed resources and facilitates the discovery of new resources. In this context "Linked Data" introduces some simple and effective principles for publishing and connecting structured data on the Web.
"Linked Data" has gained momentum among governments, in the academic and business world, and in the public sector over the last few years. Today a growing number of high quality and public "Linked Data" resources are published on the Web which can benefit the decision makers and authorities at the national and international levels to overcome the data gaps and improve the information availability.
In this talk, the recent advancements of "Linked Data" and "Linked Open Data" (LOD) approaches for capturing, managing, and distribution of information will be explored and their potential for addressing "Continuous Auditing" requirements will be highlighted.

Linked Open Data

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