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P. Ferschin, M. Di Angelo, G. Paskaleva:
"Parametric Balinese Rumah - Procedural Modeling of Traditional Balinese Architecture";
Talk: 2013 Digital Heritage International Congress, Marseille, France; 2013-10-28 - 2013-11-01; in: "2013 Digital Heritage International Congress", A. Addison, G. Guidi, L. De Luca, S. Pescarin (ed.); IEEE, CFP1308W-USB (2013), ISBN: 978-1-4799-3169-9; 199 - 206.

English abstract:
Traditional Balinese architecture is based on ancient Bali-Hindu philosophy which can be observed in traditional built environments on Bali. The underlying architectural principles are very complex containing intrinsic "parametric rules" based on both a philosophical and a building tradition. The parameters are in relation to the religious belief system as well as being derived from the bodily dimensions of the "head" of a building. We aim at determining in which way these underlying building principles can be preserved by contemporary digital means. As a hypothesis we test a parametric formalization as CGA shape grammar made operative using the CityEngine. In order to formalize these building principles the following methods were devised: identification and collection of appropriate literature in English and Indonesian, partial translation of available material to English, field trips for contextual information and additional knowledge, and transformation of all sources of information into a shape grammar. An interactive visualization of ancient Balinese building principles is exemplified through the traditional house compound, the "rumah", demonstrating the strength of a parametric approach. Moreover, it includes both, tangible and intangible heritage aspects by analyzing the appearance of (tangible) built heritage, as well as the (intangible) underlying philosophy and traditional knowledge. Our contribution aims at supporting the understanding and preservation of the architectural heritage of Balinese building principles.

Procedural modeling; traditional Balinese architecture; shape grammar; intangible heritage; parametric modeling.

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