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L. Madlberger:
"Development of Information Systems for Transparent Corporate Sustainability Using Data-Driven Technologies";
Vortrag: On The Move (OTM) Federated Conferences and Workshops, Graz; 09.09.2013 - 13.09.2013; in: "On the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems: OTM 2013 Workshops Lecture Notes in Computer Science", Springer, Berlin Heidelberg (2013), ISBN: 978-3-642-41033-8; S. 12 - 21.

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Corporations, as influential players in a global environment, face increased pressure of the society and governments to assume responsibility for the consequences of their corporate actions. Although information technologies advance rapidly, data collection still heavily relies on manual input, static reports and to a broad extent the integration of stakeholders is not yet the general rule. Data-driven technologies like Participatory Sensing methods, Linked Open Data practices or Geographical Information Systems are useful methods to collect, aggregate and disseminate information. This paper outlines the problem scope, the solution approach and the research plan for my doctoral thesis which explores the potential of these technologies to improve the transparency of corporate sustainability using a design-science based approach. Experiences gained by designing and evaluating IT artifacts are expected to bring new insights about the relation of IT and corporate sustainability where existing research is still sparse.

Corporate Sustainability, Participatory Sensing, Linked Data, GIS

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