F. Windhager, M. Smuc, L. Zenk, P. Federico, J. Pfeffer, W. Aigner:
"On Visualizing Knowledge Flows at a University Department";
Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 100 (2013), S. 127 - 143.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The analysis of dynamic network data has become an increasingly relevant research issue, showing a high potential for applied use in organizations. To unlock its potential also for the target user group of non-domain experts, we introduce a software prototype, which provides different views on network dynamics, intertwining network analytical measures with options of visual exploration. To demonstrate, how this approach can provide new access to questions of knowledge management and accessibility, a case study of a university department will be discussed. By combining multi-relational data of communication networks with attribute data of individual knowledge domains, we show how essential knowledge and change management issues can be reframed from a social network perspective and further developed towards integrated applications in organizations.

social network analysis; network dynamics; visual analytics; knowledge management

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VIENA: Visual Enterprise Network Analytics

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