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P. Lang, M. Lang, A. Falahati, E. Kozeschnik:
"The Effect of Si on the Precipitation Behaviour in Al-Mg-Si Alloys Studied by Thermo-kinetic Simulation and DSC Experiments";
Berg- und Hüttenmännische Monatshefte (BHM), 159 (2013), 3; 116 - 121.

English abstract:
The precipitation sequences of T4 (solutionized and quenched) treated Al-Mg-Si alloys that occur during continuous heating-investigated by Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)-are modelled with the help of
computational thermo-kinetic methods. Simulations, including coupled nucleation growth and coarsening of fine dispersed precipitates, are presented to study the influence of the Mg/Si ratio on the formation of the precipitates, especially on the metastable ß" phase. Excess
silicon above the content required to form stoichiometric Mg2Si is not believed to alter the precipitation sequence but to increase the effective amount of the intermediate metastable and stable Mg-Si phases. The applied framework is able to predict number densities and sizes of the main hardening precipitates. DSC thermographs of different Mg/Si ratios in 6xxx alloys are simulated, discussed, and compared to experimental data.

Al-Mg-Si alloys, simulation, precipitation sequence

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