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M. Birsak, P. Musialski, M. Arikan, M. Wimmer:
"Seamless Texturing of Archaeological Data";
Talk: Digital Heritage, International Congress 2013, Marseille, France; 2013-10-28 - 2013-11-01; in: "Digital Heritage 2013", (2013), 1 - 8.

English abstract:
In this paper we propose a framework for out-ofcore
real-time rendering of high-quality textured archaeological
data-sets. Our input is a triangle mesh and a set of calibrated and
registered photographs. Our system performs the actual mapping
of the photos to the mesh for high-quality reconstructions,
which is a task referred to as the labeling problem. Another
problem of such mappings are seams that arise on junctions
between triangles that contain information from different photos.
These are are approached with blending methods, referred to as
leveling.We address both problems and introduce a novel labeling
approach based on occlusion detection using depth maps that
prevents texturing of parts of the model with images that do not
contain the expected region. Moreover, we propose an improved
approach for seam-leveling that penalizes too large values and
helps to keep the resulting colors in a valid range. For highperformance
visualization of the 3D models with a huge amount
of textures, we make use of virtual texturing, and present an
application that generates the needed texture atlas in significantly
less time than existing scripts. Finally, we show how the mentioned
components are integrated into a visualization application for
digitized archaeological site.

digital cultural heritage, seamless texturing, out-of-core real-time rendering, virtual texturing

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