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I. Zechmeister, G. Zauner, P. Schnell-Inderst:
"Appropriate Evidence Sources for Populating Decision Analytic Models Within Health Technology Assessment (HTA): A Systematic Review of HTA Manuals and Health Economic Guidlines";
Value In Health, 16 (2013), 7; 591 - 592.

English abstract:
Objectives: Decision analytic modellers use numerous types of evidence for
populating model parameters. Detailed methodological advice on which type of
data is to be used for what type of model parameter is required. We aim at reviewing
existing HTA manuals and health economic (modelling) guidelines in order to
gain advice on appropriate evidence sources for populating models. Methods:
We identified manuals and guidelines via the International Network of Agencies for Health Technology Assessment (INAHTA) and by hand search. We included documents from Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand as well as transnational guidelines written in English or German. We systematically sumto
marised recommendations on appropriate evidence sources for different model parameters in a narrative manner. Additionally, information on advantages and disadvantages of sources, on evidence identification methods and on data quality issues was extracted. Results: Twenty-eight documents fulfilled our inclusion criteria. We identified a large variety of evidence sources for informing model
parameters on clinical effect size, natural history of disease, resource use, unit costs and health state utility values. They comprise research and non-research based sources. The documents do not provide structured advice on the hierarchy of evidence and on the limitations of evidence sources. The information is presented
fragmentarily and is not tailored to specific model types. Conclusions:
The usability of guidelines and manuals for modelling could be improved by addressing the issue of appropriate evidence sources in a more structured and comprehensive format.

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